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As with most birthdays, it’s a time to get together with family and friends, eat, and celebrate. America’s birthday is no different, so to celebrate it’s 235th, we invited over 150 of our friends for a party! We got the party started a little early, having it on a Friday, so we would continue partying with other friends over the weekend, before the big party on the 4th.

It was a fairly warm day for bbqing, but fortunately for us we chef Marty Steinbrecher on hand to flip burgers in the heat while guests got to sit in the air-conditioned dining room with a cool drink.

We’d like to thank everyone who showed up for this special birthday lunch, especially those who R.S.V.P.’d giving us a chance to order enough food, as well as those who helped us to serve. We’d also like to show our appreciation to Kaiser Permanente for sponsoring the 4th (1st) of July bbq.