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If you’ve ever seen “Psych” or “The Mentalist” you know what a Mentalist is. It’s a person who professes to read minds or tell fortunes. Again, if you’ve seen those shows, you know that a mentalist just uses observation and powers of deduction. Still, it’s pretty impressive and looks pretty magical.

Last month we had our own Mentalist/Magician, Carl Christman. He is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He is also a professor of Communications at Riverside Community College, and uses his knowledge of psychology, nonverbal communication, and language to “read” people’s true thoughts and influence their choices.

One of the “tricks” he did was to take four audience members (3 females and 1 male), who drew pictures, and traded with each other while Carl’s back was turned. He then produced an envelope addressed to “THE MAN.” Inside the envelope was his prediction of the picture male would end up with and TADA...he was right.

Thanks to Linda Brian and Rosa Peraza for helping serve the audience their pasta dinner before the show, who made their food disappear.